Are you ready for better?

Tech Guides works with a select group of companies
that expect more from their technology.

Making sure your computer stuff works
is just where we start.

Imagine having an I.T. department that can do anything!

What does that look like?

It looks like this

  • You are understood - you have a primary tech that knows you, your company, and your systems.
  • You are being cared for - your systems are being monitored by state-of-the-art remote monitoring and maintenance programs that automatically alert techs to fix issues before you even know they are a problem.
  • You are being protected - you are using award-winning anti-virus, anti-malware, firewalls and security products to help stop the bad guys.
  • You can rest easy – you’re not worried about hardware failures, hackers, or natural disasters because even if the worst should happen, you have a plan and the necessary systems to successfully recover.
  • You are in the know - your people have been trained to know what the latest security threats look like and continuous testing keeps them on their toes.
  • You are confident – you have a source you trust to handle any technology situation that arises. You know they will work tirelessly until a solution is found, implemented, and explained.
  • You are a genius! – you have found a partner who can finally implement your great ideas. New programs, apps, web sites, databases, system integrations. Anything you can think of, they can do!

Are we a fit?

Tech Guides has steadily grown over the last 21+ years by working with clients with matching ideologies.
Does our profile fit the way you work?

Trust is paramount.

You shouldn't work with I.T. people you can't trust. Period! There is too much at stake. We strive to work with clients, vendors, and fellow employees we trust.

Time is valuable.

We like it when clients know saving time means saving money. Those clients know their time and ours is valuable.

Business is about cooperation.

We believe in the abundance theory of business. Value can be continuously created. Want us to train your people? Want us to work on a project with a "competitior"? Need us to tell you when you are better off using something that someone else sells? Because we know there is more work out there than we can possibly do, we are driven by doing what is best for our clients.

Work with people you like.

We have been complimented many times about how much we smile. Life is too short to not enjoy your day. This also means we don't lock people into long term contracts. We believe that as long as we continue to provide value, you will continue to do business with us. It's really that simple.

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