The TGL Proven Process

Your business flourishes and life is easier when you have someone you can count on.

Discovery Meeting
  • Who are you?
  • Current pain points.
  • Desired future.
  • Are we a fit?
Short List
  • Perform quick easy fixes.
  • Generate task list.
  • Deliver immediate results.
Implement Best Practices
  • Implement monitoring.
  • Bring hardware and software to a baseline.
  • Develop recovery strategies and implement any missing pieces.
  • Learn client modus operandi.
  • Adapt our methods of continuous improvement to client.
To Do
  • Project management.
  • Programming.
  • Integration.
  • Strategic initiatives.

Beyond the Cloud

Everyone is moving to the cloud. Use us to make sure you do it right. Removing single points of failure, reducing costs, and sharing data between sites is what we do.

We Can Do Anything

Our driving passion to learn is what has driven Tech Guides to succeed for over 21 years.
Stop asking your I.T. people “Can you?” and start thinking “What if we?”
You can trust us to figure out the how.
Some examples of client ideas we have made a reality:

Reduced order entry time by 8 hrs. per week.

Our client had an idea for a system to make product configuration faster by letting the computer do the math. We created a custom application that they have been adding capabilities to for the last 14+ years.

Eliminated duplicate entry and the errors that go with it.

We were working with a growing company that had put together a collection of programs designed for the needs of each department. The issue was that they were spending a lot of time entering similar data into each system. We designed a new system to put in the middle. It automatically moves data from system to system. It can also do reporting, combining data from all of the systems.

Connected field force with the office.

Our client was tired of the people in the field having to call the office to get the information they needed. We connected the information in the office's database to the field force's iPads and nearly eliminated phone calls back to the office.

Saved trips to the shop to find out where the job is?

Our client created custom products that moved from step to step in their shop. By creating a system to replace paper travelers with station mounted iPads, anyone with a computer now knows where any job is at any time.


Don't just take our word for it.

Pat Heckner

Elipticon Wood Products, Inc.

Tech Guides provides a variety of services as well as critical thinking which create successful IT results. We have saved both time and money through the aid of the many services they provide. They are a one stop service provider.

Dan Kobussen

Kobussen Buses, Ltd.

Tech Guides is friendly and we work with the same people all the time. They understand small business needs and they look for ways to keep costs down. They give options to solve the same issue.

Karin Weiglein

Cole Oil & Propane, Inc.

I really appreciate the speed your techs return our phone calls. Sometimes what they need to do only takes them a minute or two and yet saves us tons of time. To our company THAT IS HUGE!!! I would definitely recommend you to other companies.