Our Vision

To enhance the lives of our employees, our clients, our community, our vendors, and our shareholders.

Our Mission

To use technology to build better businesses.

Core Values

These are the principals that guide how we do business and make decisions.


We say what we mean and do what we say.


Good enough isn’t.

Hard Working

When the load is heavy we don’t back down.


When someone really needs help we can be counted on to pitch in.


We are quick with a smile and make decisions based on what is best for all concerned.

Our Story

We started in 1997 as Datasmith Software & Training with a goal to sell an internally created quotation program. As we went out to tell the world, people kept asking, “You wrote that? I have an idea for a program. Could you make it for me?” We quickly learned that it was more important to solve problems than to try to sell something. We changed our focus and started turning client ideas into reality.

The industry moved from PC’s to servers to the Internet and our scope continued to grow. We became the I.T. department for more and more small businesses. In 2001 we incorporated and changed our name to Tech Guides to more closely match what we were doing.

Along the way, we discovered a book named “Small Giants: Companies That Choose to Be Great Instead of Big”. The idea of replacing the typical goal of endless growth with the goal of focusing on being great at what we do, being a great place to work, providing great customer service, making great contributions to our community, and finding great ways to lead our lives really resonated with the culture of our company.

In 2021 Tech Guides, Inc. became Tech Guides, LLC, after being acquired by a long time client M.R.O CPA firm run by Brian Murray.

Today, Tech Guides is a company that continues to grow organically through word of mouth. We continue striving to accomplish our goals which are ultimately to accomplish the goals of our clients.

Want to see if we can help you accomplish your goals? Please contact us today!

Working Here

Tech Guides is always looking for geniuses who are easily bored. Obsessively curious people who have to keep learning. People driven to do things better who also have a sense of humor and quick wit. If a title like 'Giant Thunder Lizard of Change' or 'Master of the Ocular' make more sense to you than system engineer, we might be the place for you. With more flexibility in hours and scope of work than you have ever experienced before, we just might wreck you for any other job.

Curious? Contact us and find out more.